Erie's Wine Spirits 'n Taco"Palooza” Fest
Sunday, September 2nd  (12:00 - 4:00)
Ambassador Conference Center
7794 Peach Street  Erie, PA

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Dottie & Bob Miller
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Future WineFest PA Festivals


Sep 02    Erie's Wine Spirits 'n Taco"Palooza” Fest

Sep 22    Wine Spirits Beer Pierogi's & FoodTruck Fest"acular”

Sep 29    Indiana's Wine Spirits Taco's 'n Food Truck Fest"acular”

Oct 13    Johnstown's HalloWine & Spirits Fest"aPalooza"

Oct 20    Bloomsburg's Hallo"Wine" & Spirits Fest"aPalooza"

Oct 28    Wilkes-Barre "Hallo" WineFest"aPalooza"

Nov 17    Altoona's Wine Spirits 'n Taco"Palooza"

Nov 18    Hollywood Casino's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"acular"

Dec 02    Erie's Wine 'n Spirits "Santa"Palooza (Inside Event)

Jan 06    Cranberry's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"

Jan 19    Westmoreland's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"

Feb 10    Hollywood Casino's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"

Feb 16    Indiana's Taco's 'n Vino Food Fest"aPalooza”

Feb 17    Pittsburgh's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"

Mar 09    Johnstown's Wine & Spirits Taco"Palooza"

Mar 16    Carlisle's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"

Mar 23    Pittsburgh's Wine 'n Spirits Taco"Palooza" Food Truck Fest

Apr 13    Bloomsburg's Wine 'n Spirits Taco"Palooza"

Apr 14    Wilkes-Barre Wine O'Clock Somewhere Fest

Apr 27    Erie's Wine 'n Spirits Taco"Palooza"

May 04    Indiana's Taco de Mayo 'n Wine"aPalooza”

May 19    Hollywood Casino's Wine 'n Spirits Taco

Jun 08    Wine 'n Spirits Taco"Palooza" Food Truck Fest

Jun 15    Fox Chapel's Wine 'n Spirits FoodTruck Fest

Jun 22    Bikes Beer Taco's 'n Wine "Thunder"Fest

Jul 13    Lawrence County Wine 'n Spirits Taco"Palooza"